USAAF 33rd Fighter Squadron, Iceland Base Command group, operated P-39 aircraft in Iceland from early in the year 1942 to 9 June 1945.

During the year 1942 the squadron experienced 13 P-39 incidents, lost 8 P-39 aircraft, two pilots were killed.


Apr. 2. 42, s/n 41-7029.  Steeves, Jerome I. Landing accident, aircraft destroyed.
Jul. 7. 42, s/n 41-7035.  Dickson, Leroy G. Landing accident, aircraft destroyed.
Aug. 12. 42, s/n 40-3021. Walker, John H.  Take off accident, minor damage.
Aug. 18. 42, s/n 41-6763. Cobb, Harold L. Fire, bailed out, aircraft destroyed.
Aug. 28. 42, s/n 41-6788. Johnsey, Fredrick R. Landing accident, aircraft destroyed.
Sep. 10. 42, s/n 41-6835. Ritchie, William D. Take off accident, minor damage.
Oct. 27. 42, s/n 40-3021. Currey, Robert B. Landing accident, minor damage.
Oct. 27. 42, s/n 41-7039. Whitfield, Wilford L. Take off accident, minor damage.
Nov. 18.42, s/n 41-6835. Redman, Harold W. Forced landing/fire, aircraft destroyed.

Kassos  (Melgerdismelar)

Aug. 15. 42, s/n 40-3003. Howe, Evertt B. Take off accident, minor damage. 
Aug. 24. 42, s/n 41-6808. Ercole, Louis A. Ground accident/fire, aircraft destroyed.
Aug, 25. 42, s/n 41-8827. Kassos, John G. Ground Accident, aircraft destroyed.  (P-39 Melgerdi)


Oct. 10. 42, s/n 41-6764. Hoffman, Jay E. Ground Accident, aircraft destroyed. (P-39 W. Skaftafellssýsla) moving to Joomla cms.

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