Curtiss P-40 Warhawk


USAAF 33rd Fighter Squadron, Iceland Base Command group, operated P-40 aircraft in Iceland from August 6, 1941, to June 9, 1945.


During the year 1942 the squadron experienced 24 P-40 aircraft incidents, lost 7 P-40 aircraft and one pilot was killed in a crash.



Jan. 5.42, s/n 41-13465.  Trabucco, Thomas F. Landing incident, minor damage.

Jan. 5.42, s/n 41-13419.  Steeves, Jerome I. Landing incident, aircraft destroyed.

Jan. 6, 42, s/n 41-13426.  Gingras, George D Jr., Landing incident, minor damage.

Jan. 16.42, s/n 41-13458. Mayer, Robert W. Take off incident, aircraft destroyed.

Mar. 7.42, s/n 41-13433, Thayer, Robert N. Landing incident aircraft destroyed.

April 15.42, s/n 41-13445, Champlain, Daniel D. Landing incident, minor damage

April 17.42, s/n 41-13452. Patterson, John G. See Crash Site List for details.  (P-40 Hafnarfjörður)

April 22.42, s/n 41-13350.  Zabriskie Dorrance C. Landing incident, minor damage.

April 29.42, s/n 41-13455. Champlain, Daniel D. See Crash Site List for details. (P-40 Reykjavík)

April 30.42, s/n 41-13421. Red,Williams B. Landing incident, minor damage

May 19.42, s/n 41-13420.  Bray, Thomas M. Landing incident, aircraft destroyed.

July 22.42, s/n 41-13437.  Cobb, Harold L.  Landing incident, minor damage

Aug.  20.42, s/n 41-13462.  Jander, Donald W. Landing incident, minor damage.

Aug.  20.42, s/n 41-13439.  Wertenbaker, George L J. Take off  incident, minor damage.

Sep. 26.42, s/n 41-13426.  Evans, Andrew J Jr. Taxiing  incident, minor damage.

Oct. 16.42, s/n 41-13426.  Curtis, Gwynne S. Landing incident, aircraft destroyed.

Oct.27.42, s/n 41-13446.  Mann, Raymond, Landing incident, minor damage.

Dec. 4.42, s/n 41-13439. Allison, Frank M. Landing incident, minor damage.



Sept. 14.42, s/n 41-13429. Trabucco, Thomas F. Taxiing incident, minor damage

Sept. 27.42, s/n 41-13421. Johnsey, Fredrick R, Landing accident, minor damage.



Aug. 25.42, s/n 41-13433.  Standiffer, Lee Jr.  Landing incident, minor damage.

Nov. 20.42, s/n 41-13431.  Mays, Onas, L. Landing incident, minor damage.

Dec. 31.42, s/n 41-13431.  Holdiman, Thomas A. Taxiing incident, minor damage.



May 23.42, s/n 41-13445, Mayer, John C. Engine fire in-flight, minor damage.