Curtiss P-40 Warhawk


USAAF 33rd Fighter Squadron, Iceland Base Command group, operated P-40 aircraft in Iceland from August 6 1941 to 9 June 1945.


During the year 1944 the squadron experienced 19 P-40 aircraft incidents, lost 7 P-40 aircraft and three pilots were killed in a crash.



Jan. 15.44, s/n 41-13464. Dormier, Johannie C.  Belly landing, minor damage.

Jan. 28.44, s/n 41-13341. Harry, Hoover V. Landing incident, minor damage.

Feb. 01.44, s/n 42-46038. Scettler, John D. Landing incident, minor damage.

Feb. 02.44, s/n 42-46031. Redman, Harold W. Taxi incident, minor damage.

Apr. 10.44, s/n 42-105456. Mourne, Mark J. Bailed out, aircraft destroyed.



Mar. 08.44, s/n 42-13423. Donovan, Thomas H. Ground looped, minor damage.

Mar. 09.44, s/n 42-13345. Custy, John J. Ground looped, minor damage.

Mar. 15.44. s/n 41-13420. Donovan, Thomas H.  Ground looped, aircraft destroyed. 

Mar. 29.44. s/n 41-13444.  Hoover, Harry V. Landing incident, minor damage.

Mar. 31.44. s/n 41-13460. Custy , John J. Taxi incident, minor damage.

Apr. 05.44, s/n 42-105619. Bohner, Ernst J. Landing incident, minor damage.

Apr. 08.44, s/n 42-46013.  Flowers, Revis G. Killed, lost at sea.

Apr. 14.44, s/n 41-13426.  Burkot, Stanley J.  Crashed in landing, aircraft destroyed.

May 04.44, s/n 41-13436. Bigelow, John W.  Killed in crash, aircraft destroyed.

June 03.44, s/n 42-46031.  John, Murphy L. Ground looped at take off, aircraft destroyed.



Mar. 13.44, s/n 42-46015. Roark, Howard M. Ground looped, minor damage.


Mar. 27.44, s/n 42-45882. Mueller, Donald VV. Landing incident, minor damage.