B24 Incidents in Iceland 1942

June 22 1942 B-24A s/n 41-2375 Tilton, John G. Mechanical failure Landing accid. Reykjavík Fld. a/c destroyed

B24 Incidents in Iceland 1943

Jan.  09 1943 B-24Mk.I s/n 40-2360 (RAF AM021) Forced landing at Reykjavík, engine fire. a/c destroyed
Mar  18 1943 B-24Mk III s/n 41-11649 (RAF FK232) Overshot landing at Reykjavik and SOC.
May  03 1943 B24D s/n 41-23728 (Hot Stuff) Shannon,Robert H. Crashed at Fagradalsfjall a/c destroyed
June 07 1943 B24D s/n 42-40615 Ulsey, Pierce T Jr. Engine fail. & fire in flight. Crashed at Meeks Fld. a/c destroyed
June 18 1943 B24 Mk.I s/n 40-2358 (RAF AM921) Undercarriage collapsed on landing in Reykjavík a/c salvaged for spares
Oct.  13.1943 B24D s/n 42-40434 Durant, Dolive. Missing. Enroute Labrador – Iceland

B24 Incidents in Iceland 1944

Mar. 17 1944 B24H s/n 41-28668 Walsh, James H Jr. Forced landing at Grindavík, a/c destroyed
Apr.  28 1944 B24Mk III s/n 41-11749 (RAF FL922) Veered off of runway, collided with a truck. Reykjavík. a/c wo
May  09 1944 B24H s/n 42-50386 (Parked aircraft) Ground accident Meeks Fld. a/c repaired
June 30 1944 B24H s/n 42-95524 Morris Frank X Missing North Atlantic
Aug. 20 1944 B24J s/n 42-51535 Daugherty, Irvin W. Crashed at Meeks Fld. a/c destroyed
Nov. 02 1944 B24L s/n 44-49399 Robinson, Gordon E. Missing Atlantic

B24 Incidents in Iceland 1945

Jan. 27 1945 B24J s/n 44-41200 Barry, Glenn L. T/O Accident Meeks Fld. a/c destroyed
Feb. 07 1945 B24M s/n 44-50535 Koch, David G. 2 Mi S of Selvogstangi, a/c destroyed
Feb. 13 1945 B24M s/n 44-50585 Rinck, Robert E. T/O Accident Meeks Fld. a/c destroyed
Feb. 20 1945 B24M s/n 44-50580 Shcroeder, Paul A. Taxi Accident Meeks Fld. a/c repaired