Welcome to our website stridsminjar.isJim Nancy Lux

Since 2002, we have searched for, located and documented a number of WWII crash sites. Our aim is to document information on each incident as detailed as possible and to preserve WWII aviation history by the study of Aircraft, Aircraft Olafur Marteinsson SnaefuglOperation, Aircraft accidents/incidents and Aircraft crash sites. 
The area is Iceland and the surrounding Atlantic Ocean. The timeframe is World War II. 
Our research and field surveys are performed by volunteers, sometimes with the assistance and guidance of local sources. 
Our hope is to see the crash sites preserved in some way, somewhat like the plaque unveiled in memory of the accident on Mt. Thorsteinn and Kasper Andersen MiklafellFagradalsfjall. This is a part Iceland´s history and should be remembered. If you have information regarding these accidents or about things/pieces from the aircraft we would appreciate your input. We do not intend to collect items /pieces from the wrecks, but the knowledge that they do exist and where they are located can be collected here.

This website will be updated as long as information is found or received.

Ólafur Marteinsson, Þorsteinn Marteinsson.