Catalina PBY-6A,  Bu46651Catalina 300dpi

The Incident:

Bu46651 is in use by USN Keflavík. Hits a reef near Þórshöfn, Langanes NE Iceland. 
Bu46651 is sold to CAA Reykjavík in September 1954, TF-FSD. Repaired at Þórshöfn, transferred to Keflavík in September. Repairs completed in Denmark. Back to Keflavík in May 1955. In use by the Icelandic Coast Guard as TF-RÁN in December. In operation by the Coast Guard from February 1956 until 1963. Retired due to corrosion 1963, last flight 13. December 1962. Heaviley damaged in a storm in Reykjavík. Dismantled 1965.

The Crew:

No information

The Aircraft:

MFG: Consolidated Aircraft
TYPE: PBY-6A Catalina / Canso
S/N: Bu466651
Operator: USN Keflavík

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