Convair F-102A Delta Dagger, S/N 56-1396F 102 Delta Dagger

The Incident:

Two Convair F-102A were on reconnaissance flight by the east coast of Iceland heading for Keflavík when one aircraft encountered engine failure at 33000 feet some 185 km. from Keflavík. The pilot glided down to 5000 feet and jumped out in a parachute. The pilot survived unhurt and waved his right hand indicating that he was ok. He was later picked up by helicopter.

The Crew:

Fudula, Eugene R. survived.

The Aircraft:

Framl.: Genaral Dynamics
Teg.: F102A Delta Dagger
S/N: 56-1396
Notandi: USAAF 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron.. Operating from 1962 til 1973

Details on aircraft: WikipediaYoutube  

Morgunblaðið 27. mars 1968