Delta Dagger F-102A S/N 56-1321F 102 Delta Dagger

The incident:

The aircraft crashed into the ocean about 30 km. north of Keflavík Airport. The F-102, which was on training mission, had experienced radio trouble and was flying formation with another F-102 while returning to the base. Maj. Cronin's plane disappeared in cloud cover at 6:18 PM. and Major Kennel Owen, flying formation with the troubled craft, reported seeing fire on the water. After a two day air-sea rescue operation, Defence Force and Icelandic officials concluded their search.

The Crew:

Maj. Cronin, John E. did not survive.

The Aircraft:

MFG: Convair
TYPE: F-102A-75-CO, Delta Dagger
S/N: 56-1321
Operator: USAAF 57th FIS

Detail on aircraft: Wikipedia, Youtube  

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