C-47D Skytrain s/n 45-879C 47 Skytrain Dakota

The Accident:

In addition to transport service from Keflavík the Skytrain aircrafts were used for flight training. Aircraft 45-879 was parked at the airport from 25.10.55 after repair. Part of the repair was replacement of the right hand engine and 45-879 was waiting ready for short test flight. Capt. Frank L Clark was test pilot for the maintenence unit and test flew all Skytrain aircraft as required. Capt. Frank L. Clark. made two atemps to perform the tests required.
In the first attemp the wheel brakes were not working properly. In the second atempt there was no co-pilot available to perform the flight tests. Weather conditions deteriated and test flights were deferred.
Course in use of air navigation equipment was started and included two training flights to complete the course.
At 11:45 Nov. 21, aircraft 45-879 took off from Keflavík with four people onboard.
At 15.25 Nov. 22, the wreck of aircrft 45-879 was found in the north slope of Akrafjall

The Crew:

All four killed in the crash.
Capt. Frank Leroy Clark. 23. Mai 1923, 32 years
Major William H. Baldridge 15. Jan. 1914, 41 years
Herbert M. Belcher, Aircraft Mechanic 17. June 1929, 26 years
James M. Stopp, Aircraft Mechanic 25. Mai 1934, 21 years

The Aircraft:

Type: C-47D Skytrain (D = High blower removed)
Mfg: Douglas Aircraft
S/N: 45-879 C/N. 16882 MS/N. 34138
Operator: 1400FMSq. / MATS

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