Catalina  Canso A S/N 11066Catalina PBY view from above

The Incident:

Aircraft lost without a trace while on U-boat patrol south of Iceland. S/N 11066 was possibly shot down. (Information not confirmed)

The Crew:

All reported missing.
Oscar George Solmundsson F/O (P)
Leslie Charles Martin F/O (P)
John William Hart F/O (WAG)
William Calder Jackson F/L (N)
Alexander George Thomson F/L (WAG)
William Leonard Greer WO2 (WAG)
Ralph Gordon MacNeil FS (FE)
John Robert Mac Connell FS (WAG)
Lloyd Sinclair Bentley FS (FE)
Thirty two days after the incident on May 5, F/O (P) Oscar George Solmundsson´s body was found south of Vestmannaeyjar and same day given a burial at sea.

The Aircraft:

Mfg.: Canadian Vickers, Montreal
Type: Canso A
S/N: 11066, ID letter: O, C/N: CV 381
Operator: RCAF 162 Squadron.

Details on aircraft: WikipediaYoutube

RCAF 162 Squad. History
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