Avro Anson Mk 1, C/N: LT 250CF15 Avro Anson ZK RRA 040415 01

The Incident:

The aircraft was on transport mission Reykjavík.- Hornafjörður.
For unknown reasons the aircraft belly landed (wheels-up) on snow covered lava field.

The Crew:

3 RAF Pilots.
One with serious injury
Two with minor injuries.

The Aircraft:

Mfg.: Avro
Type: Anson Mk1, multirole aircraft primarily a trainer
C/N: LT250, Code AD „O“
Operator: RAF 251 Squadron.
The 251 Squad. was reborn August 1, 1944, from No. 279 Squadron and No. 1407 Flight.
For air-sea rescue and Meteorological Reconnaissance and operated from Reykjavík to
Oct. 30, 1945

Details on aircraft: Wikipedia, Youtube

The crash site was visited by „stridsminjar.is” 19. July 2010. ÓM/ÞM