Republic Thunderbolt P-47D-22-REP47 in the air 1

The Incident:

Aircraft #24 and #26 from USAAF 33 Fighter Squadron were on routine patrol flight over Faxaflói when the propeller governor on Aircraft #26 failed. The propeller was out of control in over speed and in a short time the engine speed was uncontrollable. The pilot decided to bail out. The Aircraft landed on sand beach of the river Hvítá. The pilot landed close to the Aircraft with a bad knee injury. The Aircraft was totally destroyed.

The Crew:

1st Lt. Kenneth L. Collings, survived with an injury.

The Aircraft:

Mfg.: Republic Aviation
Type: P-47D-22-RE Thunderbolt.
S/N: 42-26085
Operator: USAAF 33 Squadron, 342 Composite Group
Fighter Squadron 33 operated P-47 aircraft in Iceland from May 1944
to the end of WWII, June 1945.

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