Lockheed Hudson Mk. III, FK739Hudson RAF

The Incident:

Hudson FK752 of 251 Sqn RAF MET was detailed on 17 March 1945 to carry out a meteorological reconnaissance in the North Atlantic Ocean from RAF Station Reykjavík, Iceland, in the area between 61.40N and 63.30N and 24deg W and 26 deg W.
The aircraft took off just after midnight and was in contact with Base for the major of the sortie, but on the return flight shortly after dawn, when about 1 hour to 1,10 out from base, all communication from the aircraft ceased. Searches were carried out by aircraft in the following days but without success.

The Crew:

F/O Hughes, W A. RAF Pilot †
F/O Evans, W T. RAF Navigator Bombardier †
F/O Mc Donald EH, RAAF Wireless Operator /Air †
F/O Yorkston, G C. RAAF Wireless Operator / Air †
Sgt. Fielding, RA. RAF Meteorologist. Air Gunner†

The Aircraft:

Lockheed Hudson Mk. III
S/N FK739
Squadron Code: AD
Squadron: RAF No. 251. 1 August 1944 the Air-sea rescue and meteorological squadron was formed in Iceland from No. 279 Squadron and No. 1407 Flight.
The RAF No. 251 Sqn. Operated from Reykjavík, August 1, 1944, to October 30, 1945.

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NAA. A705, 166/26/850