Lockheed Hudson Mk III, FK743Hudson RAF

The Accident:

Hudson AD-L (FK743) of 251 Squadron left Reykjavik at 01.29 GMT on 26 March 1945 for a routine met sortie. The last heard from the aircraft was a request for a QDM (Magnetic heading to a station) at 09.55 GMT. It was not until 31 March that AD-L's wreckage was spotted by another 251 aircraft at 63deg 55min N, 21deg 48min W, on the crest of hills ca 26 km SE of Reykjavik. The crew's bodies were recovered on 9 April and buried 3 days later in the Commonwealth Graves site in Fossvogur cemetery.

The crash site was visited by stridsminjar.is on May 14, 2011Image0176

The Crew:

Pilot Officer J.J .Yule, RCAF and his 4 crew members were killed.
Flying Officer T. Mac Lincoln RCAF, wireless operator / air gunner, age 25
Flight Lieutenant N. Smith RAF, navigator, age 29
Flying Officer W. Edmondson RCAF, wireless operator / air gunner
Sergeant A.R. Simmonds RAFVR (Volunteer Reserve) Met Air observer, age 19

The Aircraft: 

Lockheed Hudson Mk. III
S/N FK743
Squadron Code: AD-L
Squadron: RAF No. 251 (Air-sea rescue and the meteorological squadron was formed in Iceland from No. 279 Squadron and No. 1407 Flight).

Details on aircraft: WikipediaYoutube

Ian Robson has provided the photos of P/O J.J. Yule (taken by his father F/S M.E Robson 1944) and group photo of RCAF 1944.