Lockheed Ventura L-18, AE 806Ventura PV 1 litil

The Incident:

The Lockheed Ventura AE806 took off from Reykjavík Airfield at 10:51, 5 min later
one engine failed and was on fire. Emergency landing was made and the aircraft crashed at the airfield.

 The Crew:

The crew of 4 were all killed in the crash and are buried in the Fossvogur Semetary in Reykjavík.
The gravestone locations are as follows:
R.78691 Warrant Officer K.W.Norfolk, Pilot RCAF age 27. Grave location C-48-14
412880 Warrant Officer N.G.Hickmott, wire less operator/air gunner, RNZ Airforce. Age 27 Grave location C-48-15
414503 Warrant officer T.C. Hosken, wire less operator/air gunner, RNZ Airforce. Age 23 Grave location C-48-16
Flying Officer J.A. Banks, Pilot RAF. Age 21. Grave location C-48-17

The Aircraft:

The Lockheed Ventura L-18, also known as the Lockheed B-34 Lexington,
No: AE 806
Operator: (RAF 21 Squadron)

Details on aircraft: Wikipedia, Youtube

Letter from John Norfolk Oman, June 8 2019