C-47 Skytrain, Dakota III, S/N: 42-92607, C/N: KG396Dakota 267 Sqn RAF in flight over Adria 1944

The Incident:

92607 (MSN 12426) to RAF as Dakota III KG396. Flew into high ground 12 miles (19.4 km) SSE of Meeks Field, Iceland March 5, 1944 while descending in cloud.

Crash site location information above are not accurate. On Mar.7, 1944 a second Dakota crash is reported in the area and the location of that crash is not accurate either. Only one crash site has been located in the area and the confusing information on location has made it difficult to find out which wreck it is, the March 5, crash or the March 7, crash.

The Crew:

All killed in the crash.
Lester J. Tingle, Pilot Officer †
D:K: Nelson, Pilot Officer, †
O.P. Asseff, Wireless operator, †
(See Note #1)

The Aircraft:

Mfg.: Douglas Aircraft Company
Type: Dakota III, Military Transport
S/N: 42-12426, RAF S/N: KG396
Operator: RAF 45 Ferry command

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(Note#1) Fossvogur (Reykjavík) Cemetery Grave Records do not contain the above three names but their gravestones are in the cemetary next to the crew of C/N FZ677 that crashed March 7. 1944