Boeing B-17G, S/N 43-38471B 17 Boeing Flying Fortress2

The Incident:

B-17G took off early from Meeks Field (Keflavík) September 16, on a ferry flight to England. With a crew of 10. McCollum and his crew encountered severe weather, snow, and sleet, the aircraft went off course. Much turbulence, icing and downstream the aircraft hit Mt. Eyjafjallajokull, slid on ice and hit a snow bank. Some crew members were thrown off the aircraft at impact. The crew stayed in the crashed plane for two days waiting for rescue before attempting to go down the mountain. After six hours walk down the mountain on snow fields and ice the reached ground level and proceeded to cross a large glacial river (Markarfljót) and reached a farmhouse (Fljótsdalur í Fljótshlíð) where they had seen light.

The Crew:

The crew survived
C.J. McCollum, pilot
Harding. F. W. co-pilot
Polick E. L. flight engineer
Memovich S. A. Navigator
Harms J.F. bombardier
Conger M.R. radio operator
Bell Jr. R. S turret gunner,
Weemes R. assist. flight engineer, gunner
Lane O. gunner
Jennings L.L. tail gunner

The Aircraft:

Boeing B-17G
Mfg.: Boeing
Type: Heavy Bomber
S/N: 43-38471

Details on aircraft: Wikipedia, Youtube

USAAF Loss List
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