P-47 Thunderbolt, s/n: 42-26093P47 in formation

The Incident:

At 08:55 in the morning Lt. Thomas J. Latham was returning from a training flight when the engine caught fire. Pilot Lt. Latham bailed out and the aircraft came down in a rough lava field near the farmhouse Húsatóftir.

The crash side was visited by stridsminjar.is. June 9. 2012. ÞM, ÓM, Jim Lux.

The Crew:

Lt. Thomas J. Latham survived.

The Aircraft:

Mfg: Republic Aviation
Type: Thunderbolt P-47D-22-RE, Fighter-bomber
S/N: 42-26093 Code # 34
Operator: USAAF 33 FS, 342 CG

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