PBY-5A, Canso A, BUNO 9842 Code „B“Catalina PBY landing on water

The Incident:

Failed to return to Reykjavík after patrol mission south of Iceland.
Two days earlier F.O. L. Sherman and his crew sank U-980.

The Crew:

Flying Officer L. Sherman and his crew, reported missing.
Flying Officer F.W. Lawrence
Flying Officer R.R. Ward
Flying Officer J.L Harrison
Flying Officer G.W. Besley
Flight Sergeant M.A Gislason
Flight Sergeant F.R. Dreger
Sergeant J.E. Roberts

The Aircraft:

Mfg.: Canadian Vickers, Montreal
Type: PBY-5A, Canso A
BUNO: 9842, Code letter „B“
Aircraft 9842 was written off, after crash 21. Sept. 1944

Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) No. 162 Squadron.

The Squadron was stationed in Skerjafjörður, Reykjavík Iceland from January 1944 to
May 1945. During June and July 1944 the squadron operated from Wick, Scotland.
During WWII the squadron destroyed five U-boats, one shared sinking and one U-boat damaged.

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RCAF 162 Squadron History