Catalina Canso A,  s/n 9809Catalina PBY landing on water

The Incident:

Aircraft 9809 was coming back after U-boat patrol flight south of Iceland. The aircraft caught fire and crashed into the sea and sank in Faxaflói (off Vatnsleysuströnd) 5 miles north of Meeks Airfield.

The Crew:

Crew of 8 and 2 passengers.
Two crew members were killed in the crash.
J.R.M. Rankine, Flying Officer †
J.E.V. Banning, Flying Officer †
Two were rescued by Icelandic fishing trawler.
Six were rescued by small fishing boat.

The Aircraft:

Mfg.: Canadian Vickers, Montreal
Type: Canso A
S/N: 9809 ID letter:? CN: CV243
Operator: RCAF 162 Squadron

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