Lockheed Hudson Mk.IIA, FH361Hudson RAF

The Incident:

Hudson FH361 took off from Reykjavik at 0202 hours on 16th July 1944. On a meteorological reconnaissance sortie. The takeoff appeared normal and the aircraft was seen a few minutes later some 3 miles off the airfield flying straight on an easterly course at about 500 feet. The aircraft was then seen to bank violently to the left. It was presumed the aircraft had stalled and had dived into the ground out of control. It appeared that the aircraft crashed as a result of loss of control caused by the stall. All five of the crew were killed.
Crash site has not been located

The Crew:

Flight Lieutenant C.A.Pain RAFVR (Pilot)†
Wireless Operator B.G Blatch RAAF (Navigator) †
Wireless Operator L.C.De Garis RAAF (Navigator)†
Sgt D.H. Bowdidge RAFVR (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner)†
Sgt. R. Winterburn RAFVR (Wireless Operator/ Air Gunner)†

The Aircraft:

Mfg. : Lockheed Corporation
Type: Hudson Mk.IIA
S/N: FH361
Operator: RAF 251 Squadron.
The No. 251 Squadron was reformed Aug. 1, 1944, from No. 279 Squadron and No. 1407 Flight.
For air-rescue and Meteorological Reconnaissance from Reykjavík.
The Squadron was disbanded Oct. 30.1945

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