Catalina Conso A, s/n: 11061Canso 9792 No. 3 OTU RCAF Pat Bay 23 May 1944 LAC MIKAN No. 3388268

The Incident:

The aircraft was returning from reconnaissance flight and was preparing to land at Reykjavík Airfield when she struck the section of the mountain ridge Sveifluháls named Stapatindar.

The Crew:

The 8 crew members were killed in the crash.
Edward Parker Oakford, Flight Lieutenant F/L (P) †
Gerald Patrick. Mckenna, Flight Lieutenant F/L (P) †
Donald Glen Bewley, Flight Sergeant FS (FE) †
Earl Ralph Attree, Warrant Officer WO1 (FE) †
Frank Wilfred Latham, Flying Officer F/O (WAG) †
Hyne Steinberg, Pilot Officer F/O (WAG) †
Joseph Neil Douglas Hague MacDonald, Warrant Officer WO2 (N) †
Thomas Johnston Pettigrew, Flight Lieutenant F/L (WAG) †

The Aircraft:

Mfg.: Canadian Vickers Montreal
Type: Canso A
S/N: 11061 B/N: CV371 ID letter: M
Operator: RCAF 162 Squadron

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