Boeing B-17G, Flying Fortress, s/n 42-97279B 17 Boeing Flying Fortress2

The Incident:

The aircraft was on a ferry flight from the US to Meeks Airfield (Keflavík), Iceland. They became lost in an extremely bad storm and poor visibility. They spotted the trawler Sindri, circled her once at low altitude then ditched about three hundred yards from the trawler.
The fliers got out of the aircraft and were saved from their life raft by the fishing vessel crew.

The Crew:

One source indicates that Charles, Clayton G was the pilot of the aircraft.

Other source says that the crew of four suffered minor injuries and were saved by
the crew of Sindri:
Lt. Glen A. Chollar
Lt. Stuart W. Jakku
Sgt. Grant D. Small
Sgt. Walter S. O´Neil

The Aircraft:

Mfg.: Boeing
Type B-17G
S/N: 42-97279
Operator: USAAF Air Transport

Details on aircraft: Wikipedia,Youtube

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