Boeing B-17G-60-VE, Flying Fortress, s/n 44-8377

Boeing B 17 Flying Fortress

The Accident:

Ferry flight (Mission foreign ferry) from Goose Bay Labrador to intended destination Meeks Field Iceland. Flying directly over BW-1 Greenland. Fuel was carried for a normal endurance of 15:30 hours. Flight plan estimated 7:31 hours.
For an unknown reason, the aircraft was lost. Weather conditions and visibility at time of last report from aircraft was 1300 CFR, 100 Miles from Iceland.
At 1328Z Paulette Oboe gave an ETA of 1422Z. Isle of Lewis reported hearing Paulette Oboe (missing aircraft) answering Meeks call at 1930Z but contact was never established.
Numerous aircraft searched appropriate course of Paulette Oboe from Meeks to approximately 100 miles, other aircraft searched the coastal area of West Iceland without result.

The Crew:

All reported missing.
Pilot Gottschalk, Charles L 2d Lt.
CoPilot Karr, William K. 2d Lt.
Navigator Handel, Albert B. 2d Lt.
Bombardier Melenke, Bruce 2d Lt.
Engineer Sawyer, Harold Cpl.
Radio Opr Solomon, Sam B.
Aerial Gunner Sardis, Emanual Cpl.
Career Gunner Adkisson, Roland E. Cpl.
Career Gunner Rissel, John M. Cpl.
Career Gunner Butler, Raymond S/Sgt

The Aircraft:

Type: B-17G-60 VE
S/N: 44-8377
Operator: USAAF

Missing Air Crew Report: #9191, dated 24.10.1944

Details on aircraft: Wikipedia,Youtube