Lockheed Hudson Mk. III, FK752Hudson USAF

The Accident:

Hudson FK752 of 251 Sqn RAF MET took off from Reykjavík, Iceland. 1230 hours on November 9, 1944, to carry out a normal meteorological flight. Clear icing conditions were encountered on the outward leg. The return journey was carried out under similar conditions until an SOS was received at 2057 hours when the aircraft approx 75 miles SW of Reykjavík. The trouble being encountered was not stated. At 2105 hours the aircraft key was held down enabling the D/F station to get a bearing.
After that, there was no further contact with the aircraft which did not return to base.
Considerable air and sea searches were carried out but no trace of the missing aircraft or crew was found. It was believed that the aircraft had become loaded with ice to such an extent that it was forced down into the sea.

Sep. 18. 2016, Source: NAA. A9301, Barcode 5530205 A705, 166/20/194

The Crew: 

Flight Officer Lambert BF. RAF Captain Pilot †
Flt Sgt Smith RA, RAAF Wireless Operator /Air †
Flt SGT Jenner JD, RAAF Wireless Operator Air †
Flt SGT Syms HJE, RAF †
LAC Martin IB, RAF †

The Aircraft: 

Lockheed Hudson Mk. III
S/N FK752
Squadron Code: AD
Squadron: RAF No. 251. 1 August 1944 the Air-sea rescue and meteorological squadron was formed in Iceland from No. 279 Squadron and No. 1407 Flight.

The RAF No. 251 Sqn. Operated from Reykjavík, August 1, 1944, to October 30, 1945.

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