UC-64A Mk. IV Norseman, s/n 43-5134Norseman2m

The Incident:

Aircraft was heading for Keflavík on a military transport flight. The weather conditions were poor, snow storm and high wind. At 15:00 hour the aircraft hit the ground and skid ca.110 meters heading 150° over the snow covered rough lava field before it stopped and exploded. Guards at nearby ground observer post (Camp Cameron on Núpafjall) reported the crash.

The Crew:

Crew and passengers all killed in the crash.
Lt. John J. Custy, pilot
Robert R. Richt
Antony P. Colombo
Leonard T. Damerval
Floyd C. Van Orden

The Aircraft: 

Noordyn Norseman UC-64 Mk IV
S/N: 43-5134
Operator: USAAF
Squadron: 33rd FS.

Details on aircraft: Wikipediawww.norsemanhistory.ca

The crash site was visited by “stridsminjar.is” Sept. 2, 2010, / Sept. 8, 2012.