P-47 Thunderbolt, s/n 42-26100P47 in the air 1

The Incident:

Thomas J. Latham was in take off from Patterson Field and the plan was a sortie sweep over Faxa Bay. In the take off the engine was not producing full power and caught fire. Soon after take off the pilot bailed out safely and the aircraft came down in Vogshól.

Thomas J Latham was in similar position on June 13. 1944 when he bailed out and his P- 47 came down close to Húsatóftir.

The crash site was visited by stridsminjar.is on October 9, 2010 ÞM.

The Crew: 

Pilot, Latham, Thomas J. survived.

The Aircraft: 

Republic P-47 Thunderbolt
S/N: 42-26100
Aircraft reg.:
Squadron/Unit: 33. FS 342 CG.

Details on aircraft: WikipediaYoutube

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