B-24H Liberator, s/n 41-28668B 24 Lagafellsheidi Grindavk 300px

The Incident: 

Captain James H. Walsh Jr. and his crew were ferrying the B-24H bomber from the USA to England with a fuelling and crew rest stop in Keflavík.
The reason for the crash landing is not known. The aircraft was dismantled and moved to Keflavík.
The wreck was completely cleaned up and the crash site has been developed.

The site was visited by stridsminjar.is, April 12. 2014. Accompanying us on that visit was Mr. Guðlaugur Tómasson. An eye witness to the incident at the age of 12, pinpointed the crash site.

The Crew: 

Pilot Walsh, James H Jr. and his ferry crew (6) survived the crash. A normal B24 combat crew was 11 airmen.

The Aircraft: 

Consolidated B-24H Liberator
Registration ID:
Serial no: 42-28668
USAAF ATC (Air Transport Command).

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