Curtiss Wright P-40C, S/N 42-46014 Pilot: Stam, Nocholas
Curtiss Wright P-40K, S/N 41-13341 Pilot: Heidenreich, William L
P 40 Curtiss Warhawk in flight side

The Incident: 

Two P-40 fighter aircraft were on training flights over Mosfellsdalur NE of Reykjavík. During flight maneuver simulations the two aircraft collided. One of the aircraft (s/n not known) had some minor damage and made it safely back to Reykjavík Airfield. The second aircraft (s/n 42-46014) flown by Lt. Nicolas Stam, sustained severe damage and Lt. Stam bailed out. His aircraft crashed on the south slope of Reykjafell and Lt. Stam came down on the rocky north slope of Reykjafell near the farm Helgadalur.

Shortly after landing two farmers Hans Jónsson and Ólafur Þórðarson rescued Lt. Stam who was badly injured and unable to walk. The farmers carried him to Hans Jónsson farm. His wife nursed him while waiting for an ambulance. This immediate rescue saved the pilot from further consequences like cold and nervous brake down.

The Crew: 

Lt. Nicolas Stam.
Heidenreich, William L.

The Aircraft: 

Curtiss-Wright Corporation P-40C Warhawk
Operator: USAAF 33 Fighter Squadron
The Squadron operated in Iceland from August 6, 1941, to June 9, 1945.

Details on aircraft: WikipediaYoutube

The crash site was visited by on October 30, 2010, April 24, 2016.
Flight Commander Major George P. Tourtellot, press report.
Þjóðviljinn. March 1944.
USSAF accident record sheet.