B-25 Mitchell II, s/n: 42-87150 (FV988)North American B 25C Mitchell 00910460 178

The Incident:

Aircraft belly landed after engine caught fire in take off at Reykjavík Airfield.
The Aircrft was DBR (Damaged Beyond Repair)

The Crew:

Only pilot and co-pilot had some abrasions and bruises
Captain F/O Włodzimierz Klisz (Polish Air Force),
Co-pilot P/O K. H. L. Houghton (RAF),
Navigator Sgt J. R. Steel (RAF),
R/Op Sgt R.J. E. St. Arnaud (RCAF).

The Aircraft:

Type: Mitchell II B-25-D-25
Mfg: North American Aviation
S/N: 42-87150 (FV988)
Operator: RAF 45 Group Transport Command

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