B-25 Mitchell II, s/n: 42-87604 (FW165)North American B 25 Mitchell

The Incident:

Spun into ground 2 mi NW of Reykjavík on single engine approach to Reykjavík Airfield.
On June 25, 1976 a construction contractor building 4 story apartment house in the area (Flyðrugrandi 2 – 10 ), found remains of the aircraft at 2 meters below ground surface in swamp area. Few pieces from the aircraft were saved, propeller, part of the forward fuselage and a machine gun but are all lost.

The Crew:

W.V. Walker, Captain, Age 26
M.H. Ramsey, Flying Officer/Navigator, Age 29
A.P. Cann, Radio Officer, Age 21
All 3 crew members killed in the crash and buried in the Fossvogur Cemetery Reykjavík

The Aircraft:

Type: B-25 Mitchell II
Mfg: North American Aviation
S/N: 42-87604 (FW165)
Operator: RAF 45 Group TC

Details on aircraft: WikipediaYoutube

Joseph F Baugher, home page
D.bl. 25. june 1976
M.bl 26. June 1976
Loftorka staff members
Grave stones in Fossvogur Semetary