B-24D Liberator, S/N 42-40434, BUNO 32034
Consolidated Vultee B 24 Liberator USAF


Aircraft was in service for USN VB-111 when it went missing on route from Labrador to Iceland.

The Crew:

A crew of 12 reported missing:
Lt. Dolive Durant, USN
Ens. Richard Egles, A-V(N)
Ens. Bobbie L. Kennedy. A-V(S)
Monsees, K.E., AMM 2c
Staver, D.N., AMM 2c
Nally, R.W., ARM 2c
Nestark, A.W., ARM 3c
Chilcote, T.F., AOM 2c
Walsh, W.E., S 1c
Strong, J.C., AMM 2c
Freas, C.F., ARM 3c
McNeill, W.G., AOM 2c

The Aircraft:

Consolidated Aircraft
B-24D, PB4Y-1 Liberator
S/N: 42-40434 BUNO 32034
Operator: USN VB-111 Squadron

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