Martin Marauder, B-26C, S/N 41-35189Martin Marauder B 26B bomber in flight

The Incident:

The Marauder was on a ferry flight from the USA to the UK when she crashed after engine fire/failure. The crash site is 1½ mile West of Camp Geck.

The Crew:

Pilot Goodell, Ralph M was killed in the crash.
The fate of the remaining crew is not known.

The B-26C normal combat crew consisted of:
Two pilots, Bombardier, Navigator/Radio operator, and two Gunners.

The Aircraft:

Mfg. Glenn L. Martin Company
Type: B-26C
S/N: 41-35189
Operator: Air Transport Command.

Details on aircraft: Youtube, Wikipedia.

The crash site was visited by on June 17, 2017.


J. Baugher.