Hudson Mk.I  UK s/n: FK758Locheed Hudson in flight

The Incident:

Aircraft crashed into the ocean 9 miles East of Grindavík on rocket practicing flight.
The reason for the crash is not known.

The Crew:

The crew of five were killed in the crash.
Two bodies were found few days after the crash:
R.L. Forrester, Flight Sergeant RCAF. Age 28
D.MacMillan, Flight Sergeant RAF. Age 21

The Aircraft:

Mfg. Lockheed
Type: Hudson Mk.I
UK s/n: FK758
Aircraft Code: ?
Operator RAF 269 Squadron
The Squadron operated Lockheed Hudson in Iceland:
12.4.1941 - 31.5.1941 Detachment in Kaldadarnes
12.12.1941 – 7.7.1942 Detachment in Reykjavík
May 1941 – March 1943 Kaldadarnes
March 1943 – Jan 1944 Reykjavík.

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Styrjaldarárin á Suðurlandi e. Guðmundur Kristinsson
Fossvogur cemetery grave record