P-40C Curtiss Warhawk, S/N 41-13433P 40 Curtiss Warhawk in flight

The Incident:

P-40 flown by Major Theodore J. Lemke crashed at the north end of Vatnsendi Ridge
(Vatnsendahæð) at 1122 hours. The plane was out of control in a flat spin, crashed from approximately 6000 feet and was completely destroyed.
The exact location of the crash site has not been found.

The Crew:

Major Theodore J Lemke was killed in the crash. He was born Jul. 5 1915.
He enlisted in the USAAF 1936 and had completed over 800 hours of flying when he left for
overseas duty in Iceland on September 22, 1942.
Shortly before his death, he had been promoted to major.
Burial: Woodham Cemetery, Shawano County, Wisconsin USA

The Aircraft:

Curtiss P40 Warhawk
S/N: 41-13433
Operator: USAAF 33FS, 342 Composite Group
The 33Fighter Squadron operated P40 aircraft in Iceland from August 6 1941 to 9 June 1945.

USAAF loss list.
Newspaper article in Shawano Leader, July 22. 1943