PV-1 Ventura, BUNO 33203Lockheed B 34 USAAF in flight lítil

The Incident:

BUNO 33203 was departing Meeks Airfield Keflavík for Anti-submarine patrol. Aircraft swerved off the runway during taxi. (Details not available)

The Crew:

All escaped without injuries.
Bookout, Thomas H.
McNally, Patrick R.
Axe, George C.
Shimco, John J.
Attwood, William J.

The Aircraft:

Type: Lockheed PV-1 Ventura
BUNO: 33203
Operator: US Navy, VP-128 Squadron
The Squadron operated PV-1 Ventura from NAF Reykjavík from 23. August 1943
to 18. December 1943 under operational control of FAW7 (Fleet Air Wing 7).

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