Catalina PBY-5A, BUNO 2467Three in flight

The Incident:

After take-off at Keflavík, one engine cut out intermittently. The pilot returned to field and evidently misjudged altitude and did not lower wheels until too late for both wheels to lower and lock. Starboard wheel was the only wheel to come down and lock. The landing was made normal and as the plane lost speed it slowly dropped down on the port side. Icing was the cause of engine cut out.
Damage: Keel worn down from position 6-ft forward of #1 step. Keel crushed upward for about 2-in, bottom on side of keel crushed upward slightly for about 3-ft outboard of keel and stringers on both sides of the keel, port wing tip float slightly crushed.

The Crew: 

Pilot Lt Elbert V. Cain,
AV-N USNR Lt (jg) E.T. Allen,
AV-N USNR Ens. J. Thigen,
USN AMM2c C.C. Greenfield,
USN ARM1c R.L. Ross,
USN ARM3c W.P. Merce,
V-6 USNR AOM2c J.E. Tarver
AOM2c G.P. Fotsch.

The Aircraft: 

PBY-5A Catalina
Manufacturer: Consolidated Aircraft
S/N: 2467
Operator: USN VP84 Patrol Bomber Squadron
USN VP84 operated PBY-5A in Iceland from 2 Oct 1942 to 1 Sep 1943
The Squadron claim 6 German U-boats sunk.

Details on aircraft: WikipediaYoutube

VP84 mishap record, 
Vígdrekar og vopnagnýr e. Friðþór Eydal
J. Baugher