Catalina PBY-5APBY Catalina landing

The Accident:

Flying boat crashed on take-off shortly after becoming airborne causing extensive damage to hull and left wing. Unable to perform necessary repairs at Reykjavík even for flying back to the US for major repair. Requested permission to strike this plane from Navy list, stripping all salvageable material for urgently needed spares and ship hull and wings to the US by ship.

Source: VP84 mishap record, VV FE, J Baugher, 24.6.2016

The Crew:

No injury to crew

The Aircraft: 

PBY-5A Catalina
Manufacturer: Consolidated Aircraft
S/N: 7302

Operator: USN VP84 Patrol Bomber Squadron
USN VP84 operated PBY-5A in Iceland from 2 Oct 1942 to 1 Sep 1943
The Squadron claim 6 German U-boats sunk.

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