B-24 Liberator GR. Mk. I384px Maxwell B 24

The Incident: 

Aircraft s/n AM921 was on transit mission from Reykjavík. Shortly after take-off engine #3 caught fire. Aircraft returned to Reykjavík and at landing the #3 engine fell down and damaged the RH landing gear. The landing gear collapsed and the aircraft came to rest on gravel heap, the fuselage forward of the wings being on fire. Aircraft was damaged beyond repair.

The Crew: 

W/O. Peter Lawrence Brooks Ellis. Captain †
F/S. John Gibson Benson. 2nd Pilot †
F/S. George Fredrick Denis Lowrison Navigator †
Sgt. D. McClelland. Flight Engineer. Survived
F/S. A. Barthorpe. 1st Wireless Operator / Air Gunner. Survived
Sgt. G. Young. 2nd Wireless Operator / Air Gunner. Survived
Sgt. William Stanfield. 3rd Wireless Operator / Air Gunner. †

Cdr. C. Harris. Survived
Lt. A Finn. Survived
S/L. H. Catchlove. Survived
F/O. William John Wright. 120 Squadron Catering Officer. †
F/L. Francis Henry Salt. †
LAC. Maurice Ian Kidd. †
Cpl. H Y. Mills. †
Cpl. J D. Cole. †
† are buried in Fossvogur Cemetery, Reykjavík. Graves C 22-30

The Aircraft: 

Consolidated B24 Liberator GR. Mk. I (GR = General Reconnaissance)
s/n: UK AM 921 US 40-2360
Operator: RAF 120 Squadron
The Squadron operated in Iceland from September 4, 1942, to March 23, 1944.

8. Dec. 1941 aircraft AM921 attacked and sank U-254
18. Oct. 1942 aircraft AM921 attacked U-258
8. Dec. 1942 aircraft AM921 attacked and sank U-611.

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