P-38F Lightning, 42-12576Lockheed P 38 Lightning USAF

The Accident:

Late in the afternoon of October 18. 1943 people on the farms Hreiður and Kvíarholt in Holtum heard aircraft noise. Twin engine aircraft headed from north towards the farms. Trail of black smoke came from the aircraft, indicating engine fire. The aircraft turned east and then south probably to make an emergency landing in the grass covered moor area. The pilot bailed out but did not survive.

The aircraft landed on Kambsheiði, an hill of 138 m over sea level, 2 km west of the military observation station at Hjálmholt. Troops from stations in the vicinity arrived and cleaned the crash site. Purpose of the flight is not known. The crash site was visited by stridsminjar.is on July 14. 2013.

The Crew:

2nd Lt. Harry R. Stangle bailed out but did not survive. (borne. Jan. 6. 1919, age 24).
Harry R, Stangle was one of the two pilots who shot down a German Ju 88 which came down in Breiðagerðisslakki on Vatnsleysuströnd April 24, 1943. He was awarded the SILVER STAR for that victory.Harry R. Stengle

The Aircraft: 

Lockheed P-38F Lightning
S/N 42-12576
Operator: USAAF, 50th Fighter Squadron of the 342 Composite Group.

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