Lockheed Hudson Mk. I, s/n T9464Hudson RAF

The Incident:

D. Mallett took off from Kaldaðarnes on Hudson aircraft for patrol flight at 6:30 in the morning. He flew N over the frozen Hvítá River. After three minutes flight both engines shut down and the aircraft slammed down on the ice, ran out of control to the river bank east of the farm Stapholt and caught fire. Guards from the post Auðsholt hurried to the scene and Sergeant Henry Zakowsky from the US Army 495 Anti-Aircraft Artillery managed to rescue Sergeant Hunter from the wreck before the depth charges exploded.
March 31, 1943 Sergeant Henry Zakowsky was awarded the Soldier´s Medal by US General Bonesteel.

The Crew:

Flight Sergeant D. Mallett †
Flight Sergeant E P Dubois †
Pilot Officer G W H Ebert †
Sergeant Hunter survived with injuries (broken leg)

The Aircraft:

Lockheed Hudson Mk I
s/n: T9464
Squadron Code: UA- ?
Operator: RAF 269 Squadron.
The Squadron operated Lockheed Hudson in Iceland:
12.4.1941 - 31.5.1941 Detachment in Kaldadarnes.
12.12.1942 – 7.7.1942 Detachment in Reykjavík.
May 1941 – March 1943 Kaldadarnes.
March 1943 – Jan 1944 Reykjavík.

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