Lockheed Hudson Mk. III, V9062Hudson RAF

The Incident:

Pilot Officer Greenacre in Hudson V9062 swung on landing on No. 1 runway at Kaldaðarnes. The undercarriage collapsed, the aircraft caught fire and 30 minutes later the depth charges exploded.

The Crew: 

The crew survived no injuries.

The Aircraft: 

Manufacturer: Lockheed Aircraft
Type: Lockheed Hudson Mk. III
Serial No: V9062
Code: UA (?)
Operator: RAF No. 269 Squadron

The Squadron operated Lockheed Hudson aircraft in Iceland:
12.4.1941 - 31.5.1941 Detachment in Kaldadarnes
12.12.1942 – 7.7.1942 Detachment in Reykjavík
May 1941 – March 1943 Kaldadarnes
March 1943 – Jan 1944 Reykjavík.

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