Catalina Mk III, Buno FP525

The Incident:

Catalina PBY landing on water

On 21. September 1942 Catalina Mk III FP525 flying out of Akureyri was escorting convoy QP14, Russia to the UK. When astern of the convoy the crew sighted U-boat U606 commanded by Kapitänleutnant Dietrich van der Esch, on the surface. The Catalina attacked, Captain LT Carl Johan August Stansberg, released the depth charges which caused no real damage. U606 opened fire with the 10.5 cm SK C/32 deck gun. The aircraft was hit and a shell exploded in the left wing the pilot was forced to ditch near the convoy. The crew was saved by the British destroyer HMS Marne.

The Crew:

Lt. C.A.J. Stansberg
Fanrik P.C. Aes
Fenrick P Devold
J.W. Johansen
E.Q. Hansen
Kvm L Bjerkseth
N. Gusfre
R. Sorensen

The Aircraft:

Consolidated Catalina Mk III
s/n FP525
Code, GS Z
Operator: No. 330 (Norwegian) Squadron RAF
The squadron operated Catalina Mk III aircraft in Iceland from June 1942 to December 30. 1942.

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