Lockheed Hudson Mk III, s/n T9448, Code: UA XHudson USAF

The Incident:

Hudson UA X was on patrol flight when one engine failed over Faxaflói bay. Pilot Ulrichson was forced to ditch and the crew of five managed to board a lifeboat. The Hudson sank soon after the ditching.

Hudson UA M took off from Kaldaðarnes to search for survivors. Pilot John Graham on UA M found the life boat and guided a destroyer to pick up the downed crew.

The Crew:

The Crew of five survived.

The Aircraft: 

Lockheed Hudson Mk. III
s/n T9448
Code: UA X
RAF 269 Squadron
No. 269 Squadron RAF operated from Kaldaðarnes and Reykjavík from May 1941 to January 1944.

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Source: RAF 269 Squadron History