PNY-5A Catalina, Buno 2462pby catalina

The Incident:

Catalina 73-P-11 was on rescue mission south of Iceland to pick up
a patient from Destroyer (name not known). The aircraft water looped at landing and sank.
(pos. 60.19N 26.39W)

The Crew: 

Pilot, ENS Ralph B. Boyd / Minor injury
ENS Joseph D. Brummett / No serious injury
ENS Ted Appelquist / Minor injury
AMM3 James B. Norman / No serious injury (Aviation Mechanist Mate)
AMM2 Charles I. Sandler / No serious injury
RM1 Kenwood B. Keveren / No serious injury (Radioman)
RM2 David R. Reilly / No serious injury
Henry A. Buller / Minor injury
MSMTH1 Robert Odes Morgan / No serious injury (Metalsmith)
AMM2 James I. Walker / Minor injury

The Aircraft: 

Consolidated PBY-5A, Catalina
Build No. 2462
Operator: US Navy VP-73 Patrol Bomber Squadron.
The Squadron operated in Iceland from Aug. 9 1941 to Oct 1942.

Details on aircraft: WikipediaYoutube

Source: US Navy Patrol Squadrons, US Navy Loss List