Five Hudson Aircraft of the RAF 269 Squadron Kaldaðarnes
failed to return (FTR) from patrol or search missions in 1942.


February 11, 1942

Hudson s/n V9054 Code I, FTR from a convoy patrol mission.Locheed Hudson in flight
Hudson I left early in the morning. At 09:30 a distress call was heard.
George Cheatley and his crew (total 4) all missing.

April 30, 1942 

Hudson T9391 Code (?) FTR from training flight. 
Ashley and his crew of 4, missing.

June 24, 1942

Hudson T9448 Code X, engine failiure ditched and sank.
A crew of 5 survived.

September 1, 1942

Hudson s/n T9160 Code M, FTR from a patrol mission

Tom Prescott and his crew (total 4) all missing.

September 2, 1942

Hudson s/n FH385 Code V, FTR from a search for T9160 Code M

Flt Lt AC Culver DFM 
Plt. Off NJ Graves-Smith 
Flt Sgt WHR Day 
Flt Sgt GN Barnes 
Captain Eric Ravilious (Artist)

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