Curtiss-Wright, SOC-2 Seagull, Bu 0417Curtiss SOC 1

The Incident:

The aircraft was operating from the light cruiser, USS Philadelphia Hull No.CL-41, north of Iceland. The mission was convoy escort.
In a catapult takeoff in a strong wind, the aircraft capsized and sank.
The aircraft were launched from the cruiser by catapult and recovered by crane after sea landing and hoisted aboard. The Seagull had good low-speed characteristics suitable for short distance open sea landings in smooth-water „slick“ that its home ship could create.

The Crew: 

The fate of the crew of two is not known.

The Aircraft: 

Curtiss-Wright, SOC-2 Seagull.
No. Bu0417
Base: USS Philadelphia (CL 41)
Operator: US Navy VCS-8 Squadron.

SOC Stands for “Scouting and Observation Curtiss”.

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Source: US Navy Loss List, Aviation Safety Network.