Northrop N-3PB, c/n 313Northrop N 3PB in flight

The Accident: 

Floatplane 313 was on convoy escort, ca 20 km. N of Skagatá. Crew of convoy ship reported “Floatplane observed entering spin and exploded when hitting the water”

The body of Arne Johannes Taarnesvik was later found by the American naval vessel “USS Bibb” Nothing found regarding the rest of the crew.

The Crew: 

All killed in the crash.
Arne Johannes Taarnesvik †
Einar Thorleif Angel Gjertsen †
Torolf Magdalon Osland †

The Aircraft: 

Northrop Aircraft Inc. Northrop N-3PB
Code: GS L
Construction no. 313
Operator: The RAFN 330 Squadron.
The Squadron operated Northrop N-3PB in Iceland from May 19, 1941, to January 24, 1943.
The squadron lost 12 airmen and 11 aircraft during the stay in Iceland.

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