Catalina PBY-5A, BUNO 2458ph Catalina PBY

The Incident:

The Catalina was escorting a convoy (UR-29) from England to Iceland.
The aircraft was shot at from the convoy ships (friendly fire) as mistaken for German aircraft.
Aircraft 73-P-8 was badly damaged and forced to land at sea and beached at Landeyjarsandur south of the farm Arnarhóll.

The Crew: 

LT William Cole and his crew of 8 survived.
4 seriously injured, 1 minor injury, 3 no injury.

The Aircraft: 

Consolidated PBY-5A, CatalinaBuild No. 2458
Code: 73-P-8
Operator: US Navy VP-73 Squadron.
The Squadron operated in Iceland from Aug. 9, 1941, to Oct 1942.Catalina Landeyjasandur

Details on aircraft: Wikipedia,  Youtube

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The lower photo: Friðþór Eydal, Styrjaldarárin á Suðurlandi by Guðmundur Kistinsson.