Lockheed Hudson IIIA, OY A.Hudson USAF at airfield

The Incident:

24 September 1942, a detachment of three Hudson aircraft from RAF 48 Squadron Sumburgh, Shetland arrived at Melatangi.

The purpose of the detachment was an anti-submarine role, flying patrols over the waters between Scotland and Iceland.The first flight of the RAF 48 detachment was planned in the afternoon of September 24. In a high crosswind, the OY A did not reach take off speed and ended in the sea at the end of the runway. The aircraft was written off.

The Crew: 

3 crew members were killed in the crash.
Pilot R. S. Darke (Canadian) survived. 

The Aircraft:

Lockheed Hudson IIIA
US s/n: 41-37163
UK s/n: FH362
(MSN 414-6652)
Code: OY A
Squadron/Unit: 48 RAF Squadron

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